This Feature Includes: 

  • 6’ x 4’ water feature
  • One to two falls
  • A 30 sq’ pondless reservoir
  • 2 tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • Suitable in any yard or around an existing pond
  • Twelve Month Construction Warranty

Native Alberta Package

Starting at $13,495.00

This is the perfect water feature for a person with a passion for water gardening or the desire to adopt a few koi fish. These mesmerizing pets can stay in your pond year-round, as our heaters run through the winter to allow the koi to hibernate safely. This feature combines the beauty of a 12’ stream with a 2’ deep pond. All of our ponds are terraced to keep safety in mind.

Custom Cascade Package

​Starting at $5,995

Transform your yard, and your idea of vacation, by escaping to your own personal oasis. Enjoy the extraordinary beauty and tranquil sounds of your own waterfall, with lush vegetation sure to attract wildlife. All of our features are kid safe, and with our automated pump system, remain low-maintenance.

Boulder Falls Package

Starting at $9495.00

If you love the sound of a babbling brook, but are not interested in a traditional pond, our pondless waterfalls are the perfect solution. Elegant boulder and slate fall placement amidst a picturesque stream allows you to enjoy the peaceful sound of up to 5 waterfalls, all placed according to optimum acoustics. 

This Feature Includes: 

  • A 12’ stream of up to 5 waterfalls for incredible ambience
  • A 30 sq’ pondless reservoir system
  • Slate or boulder fall selection, depending upon your needs and budget
  • 7.5 tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • Twelve Month Construction Warranty

This Feature Includes: 

  • A 11’ x 16’ pond and a 12’ stream with up to 5 waterfalls
  • Feature plants and rocks indigenous to Alberta and the surrounding area
  • A beautiful blend of beauty and nature for your Albertan backyard
  • 11.5 tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • Twelve Month Construction Warranty