1) Call US!
Contact us online or by phone at 403-255-6070 to book a consultation.

2) We Explore your Space with You
At our initial meeting, one of our trusted representatives will come to your home to discuss your vision. We can explore our portfolios and packages to allow you to choose the elements that appeal to you, from color options to lighting, style, design, and needs to suit your lifestyle. We will help you choose a location for maximum year round enjoyment, whether a private oasis, or the focal point for an outdoor entertaining area.

3) Put Together a Quote
This is where we will spend some time measuring, planning the layout, and working with budget and pricing to create a unique and accurate quote. We will then create a conceptual design showing the positioning and style of the water feature that will give you a visual parallel to the detail and description listed in the quote.

4) Mark Out the Area
The quote and a customized design printout will be presented to you. Once you are happy with the quote, Babbling Brooks will come to your property, this time with ground paint, to mark out the area.

5) Getting Down to Work
Once the placement and design is agreed upon, it goes to our foreman and crew so they are ready to get started. Construction start dates vary depending upon your features specifications and weather conditions. By now you are well on your way to a completely transformed yard.

6) General Upkeep
Depending on your system, we offer several maintenance packages to keep it looking gorgeous all year round.

Trust Babbling Brooks to create a feature you will love for years to come. Our experience, expertise and quality are unparalleled.

Now that you have decided to explore the world of water features, what happens next?