This Feature Includes: 

  • A 11’ x 16’ pond and a 12’ stream with up to 5 waterfalls
  • Feature plants and rocks indigenous to Alberta and the surrounding area
  • A beautiful blend of beauty and nature for your Albertan backyard
  • 11.5 tons of boulders and pebbles of your choice
  • Twelve Month Construction Warranty

​Starting at $15,500.00

This is the perfect water feature for a person with a passion for water gardening or the desire to adopt a few koi fish. These mesmerizing pets can stay in your pond year-round, as our heaters run through the winter to allow the koi to hibernate safely. This feature combines the beauty of a 12’ stream with a 2’ deep pond. All of our ponds are terraced to keep safety in mind. 

Native Alberta Package